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Supplying expert and professional services

Since Solrock Mining Services’ inception, we have successfully completed numerous projects that include decline and vertical shaft development and sinking, mine construction and project management.

Our clients benefit directly from Solrock Mining Services’ extensive knowledge and experience, accumulated over 100 years. Along with our very knowledgeable CEO, we also boast with a staff holding of professional and experienced staff members, many of whom have been in the mining industry for decades.

Our Value Statement

Our People

Through Appreciation, Honesty and Empowerment we are a stronger team, we can offer a fulfilling environment to all our staff and we revel in recognising each other’s skills and development. We aim to train, equip and motivate our people to be more effective and content at work, ensuring trusting and long-lasting relationships.

Our Projects

We provide our clients with the highest level of service quality and products at a fair and competitive price.

We strictly work off a basis of integrity from which we conduct all our business. Our actions reflect our ethical values of honesty, fairness and transparency. We always do the right thing, regardless of the outcome.

We are committed to the highest standards in Health & Safety, environmental performance, community cooperation and the principles of sustainable development.

We guarantee the highest level of construction and mining services for our clients, delivering professional services, on time and within budget.

We value customer feedback and by achieving complete customer satisfaction in all areas, we ensure our longevity in our industry.

Local Community Upliftment

We are committed to the local communities where we work in terms of upliftment and training, therefore we are continuously working towards educating our younger generations in the mining sectors.

Due to the specialised skills required for vertical shaft sinking and the shortage thereof, we ran a very successful mentoring program to employ the older generation within our business with the purpose of being mentors for the newer generation who are interested in making vertical shaft sinking a career.

The understudies were selected by an official selection board and monitored in order to eventually replace the older generation as their performance improves. The ideal is to have a newer generation in the shaft sinking business within the next five to eight years, adding to our company’s expertise.

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